Topography - Water Bodies - Angas Catchment Dams

Dataset Number2189
Dataset TitleTopography - Water Bodies - Angas Catchment Dams
CustodianData Authority: Department for Environment and Water
Data Provider: Department for Environment and Water


DescriptionThe Angas Catchment Dams dataset is a subset of the Hydro Water Bodies dataset and is limited geographically to the Angas River surface water catchment in South Australia. The data set contains polygon data outlining the physical extent of dams and estimated dam capacity (volume range in megalitres) and wall height information (in metres). Dam capacities have been estimated using various methods. These capacities have been converted to volume ranges. The majority of wall heights have been measured on site using a hand sight level. Dam capacity and wall height is based on available information and although best effort and care has been taken in compiling this information, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. The dataset will change over time as further information becomes available.
UsageThis dataset provides a general indication of dam features within the Angas surface water catchment in South Australia. The dataset can be used for applications particularly in relation to water resource management and emergency planning and response.

Data Quality

LineageFeatures were originally captured by analog photogrammetric techniques based on 1:80 000 scale aerial photography and surveyed ground control for the standard 1:50 000 mapping program. The photogrammetric plot detail was hand traced onto stable film for map production. The reproduction material was subsequently scanned, the data vectorised and processed through standard procedures to clean,and code the data. The tile based data was processed, edge-matched and converted to GIS format. Subsequently, features have been maintained by heads-up-digitising techniques within geographic regions determined by project requirements. Since the year 2000, update changes generally have not been verified in the field. Through the Commonwealth (Bureau of Meteorology) funded Australian Hydrological Geospatial Fabric (Geofabric) project 2011-2012 respective versions of surface water datasets from the former DFW and former DENR were integrated to create a single authoratative database. Water bodies within Adelaide & Mount Lofty Ranges (Fleurieu Peninsula), Kangaroo Island and Northern & Yorke NRM regions were updated to a detailed survey specification. Subsequently, water bodies within the remaining area of A&MLR and the western part of the SA Murray-Darling Basin (Eastern Mount Lofty Ranges) regions were also updated to the detailed survey specification. Data in the pastoral regions of the State has been sourced from the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) Geofabric Surface Cartography V2.1 AHGFWaterbody dataset (equivalent to Geoscience Australia's GEODATA TOPO 250K). The Geofabric data was integrated in June 2013. Volume and wall height information has been compiled from a range of Departmental datasets. This information has been joined to the Angas Catchment Dam dataset using unique source identification numbers. Volume figures have been generalised into categories 0-2, 2-5, 5-10, 10-20, 20-50 and >50ML for the purpose of the GovHack exercise.
CompletenessFeatures in this dataset are complete over the geographic extent of the Angas surface water catchment.
Positional AccuracyFeatures sourced from the BoM Geofabric are generally within +/- 100 metres of their true position. Of the remaining data, 90% of well defined features are within +/- 25metres of their true position. Features captured or revised to the detailed survey specification are within +/- 12metres of their true position.

Geographic Extent

Extent NameMurray Darling Basin Region (SA)
Min Easting or Longitude138.604
Min Northing or Latitude-36.084
Max Easting or Longitude140.991
Max Northing or Latitude-32.106

Dataset Status

Initially Acquired01-JAN-1990
Last UpdatedCURRENT
Update FrequencyNot Planned
Maintenance MethodNo planned updates.
AusGOALCC BY (Attribution)


TableNameField AliasData TypeDescription
WaterBodies_AngasCatchmentDamsFEATURECODE Long IntegerAS2482 based geographic feature code
WaterBodies_AngasCatchmentDamsHYDROID Long IntegerFeature identifier, unique across all geodatabases within an AHGF release
WaterBodies_AngasCatchmentDamsAHGFFEATURETYPE Long IntegerFeature type within the AHGF Data Model
WaterBodies_AngasCatchmentDamsNAME textName associated with individual feature. If obtained from SA Gazetteer GAZRECNO is also populated
WaterBodies_AngasCatchmentDamsPERENNIALITY textPERENNIAL - inundated year round INTERMITTENT - inundated seasonally MAINLY DRY - periodic inundation, not seasonal
WaterBodies_AngasCatchmentDamsAHGFPERENNIALITY textCode indicating the permanence of the associated water feature
WaterBodies_AngasCatchmentDamsNETWORKNODEID Long IntegerHydroID of node in AHGFNetworkNode that is closest to outlet of waterbody
WaterBodies_AngasCatchmentDamsMAPPEDNODEID Long IntegerHydroID of node in AHGFMapNode that is closest to outlet of waterbody
WaterBodies_AngasCatchmentDamsWATERSTOREUSE textPrimary use of water storage (eg. Flood Irrigation). Only for Reservoirs
WaterBodies_AngasCatchmentDamsSOURCEFEATURECLASSNAME textFeature Class Name from the input data source
WaterBodies_AngasCatchmentDamsSOURCEFEATURETYPE short integerFeature type from the input data source
WaterBodies_AngasCatchmentDamsSOURCEID Long IntegerUnique identifier for individual feature in the input data source
WaterBodies_AngasCatchmentDamsFEATURERELIABILITY DateReliability date of spatial object (Currency of reference source)
WaterBodies_AngasCatchmentDamsFEATURESOURCEAGENCY textName of agency that originally captured the spatial object
WaterBodies_AngasCatchmentDamsATTRIBUTERELIABILTY DateReliability date of attribute object (Currency of reference source)
WaterBodies_AngasCatchmentDamsPLANIMETRICACCURACY short integerStandard deviation of the horizontal positional accuracy in metres
WaterBodies_AngasCatchmentDamsSYMBOL short integerSymbol number for feature used in Geoscience Australia¿s GEODATA product
WaterBodies_AngasCatchmentDamsATTRIBUTESOURCEAGENCY textName of agency that originally captured the attribute object
WaterBodies_AngasCatchmentDamsTEXTNOTE textText note to accompany the feature
WaterBodies_AngasCatchmentDamsALBERSAREA DoubleArea (m2) calculated from Albers Equal Area Conic projection
WaterBodies_AngasCatchmentDamsCALCULATION textName of scientific equation used to calculate the Volume
WaterBodies_AngasCatchmentDamsSOURCEIMAGE short integerName of source imagery used to capture, change or verify a feature
WaterBodies_AngasCatchmentDamsGAZRECNO textSA Gazetteer record number (link) for feature name
WaterBodies_AngasCatchmentDamsCAPTURESOURCE Long IntegerMetadata: Source mapping program
WaterBodies_AngasCatchmentDamsCAPTUREMETHOD short integerMetadata: method of data capture (eg Trace ¿ Ortho Image)
WaterBodies_AngasCatchmentDamsFEATURESOURCE short integerMetadata: information source used to identify feature
WaterBodies_AngasCatchmentDamsAUS_WETNR textUnique identifier for labelling of all South Australian wetlands. Concatenation of Region and Wetland ID
WaterBodies_AngasCatchmentDamsWET_CODE textWET_CODE
WaterBodies_AngasCatchmentDamsEDITDATE DateDate on which the spatial and/ or attribute object(s) of a feature were last edited
WaterBodies_AngasCatchmentDamsVOLUME_ML DoubleVolume of dam in megalitre range. Dam capacity is based on available information and although best effort and care has been taken in compiling this information, accuracy cannot be guaranteed.
WaterBodies_AngasCatchmentDamsWALL_HEIGHT DoubleApproximate height of dam wall in metres. Wall height is based on available information and although best effort and care has been taken in compiling this information, accuracy cannot be guaranteed

Contact Information

OrganisationDepartment for Environment and Water
Postal AddressGPO Box 1047

SA 5001