Building Height Limits 2018

Dataset Number2201
Dataset TitleBuilding Height Limits 2018
CustodianData Authority: Attorney General's Department
Data Provider: Department for Infrastructure and Transport


DescriptionIMPORTANT NOTE: This dataset is based on the Development Act 1993 zones and is now superseded by the Building Height datasets (found in Planning and Design Code Variations) under the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016. The Building Height Limits layer shows the "maximum building height" permitted under individual Council Development Plans. The layer focuses on key urban zones with potential for medium to high density residential development including the City of Adelaide, Urban Corridor Zones, Glenelg and Port Adelaide. The dataset has been captured and matched to relevant Zones, Policy Areas, Precincts or cadastral parcels. This layer should be used in conjunction with relevant Council Development Plans which specify further details on site specific limitations.
UsageUsed to display potential maximum building heights and scale of development within key medium and high density urban zones. This layer has the potential to be combined with desired density (dwellings per hectare) to assist in determining future residential density and associated demographic forecasts.

Data Quality

LineageBuilding height limits were extracted from relevant Council Development Plans. Polygons have been delineated to show the full extent of land area applicable to the determined "maximum building height". In most cases, this has been matched to existing cadastral parcels. For the Adelaide CBD, polygons are matched to a combination of Planning Zones, Policy Areas and Precincts, and to cadastre where relevant. Variation in floor to ceiling heights exist across Council Development Plans. For example, a four-storey building is envisaged as being up to 16.5 metres in height in West Torrens Council, up to 15 metres in Prospect (City) Council and up to 18.5 metres in Norwood, Payneham & St Peters (City) Council. Note that this layer covers some areas that envisage non-residential development and/or mixed use developments. It is therefore not appropriate to assume that maximum height limits are relevant to the entirety of each polygon. The extent of each polygon area does not take INTO account potential building setbacks (both at ground level and stepped developments above ground level), site coverage and associated "stepped" height requirements, or architectural design elements that may reduce site coverage. Building Height Limits are specified in legislation as a development restriction within Planning Zones, Policy Areas and/or Precincts. Under certain circumstances, Development Approval may be granted for buildings that exceed the specified "Maximum Building Height". Building Height Limits should therefore be used as a guide to maximum height, rather than a predetermined maximum limit. See relevant Council Development Plans for further details on specific site limitations.
CompletenessThis layer is 99% complete for medium to high density residential zones, within the Adelaide metropolitan area.
Positional AccuracyMatched to zoning layers and cadastre.

Geographic Extent

Extent NameAdelaide (metro planning area)
Min Easting or Longitude138.44
Min Northing or Latitude-35.352
Max Easting or Longitude138.846
Max Northing or Latitude-34.574

Dataset Status

Initially Acquired22/10/2018
Last Updated22/10/2018
Update FrequencyNot Planned
Maintenance MethodBuilding height limits are extracted from relevant Development Plans. Each Development Plan's consolidated date is recorded against each feature. This layer will be updated on a regular basis to reflect any Development Plan or associated planning policy updates.
LicenseingCC BY (Attribution)


TableNameField AliasData TypeDescription
Primary TableDEVPLAN_CODEDevplan CodetextCode relating to relevant Development Plan
Primary TableZONEZonetextPlanning Zone
Primary TablePOLICYPolicytextPlanning Policy Area
Primary TablePOLICY_MEANINGPolicy MeaningtextPlanning Policy Area description
Primary TableMax_StoreysMaximum Storeysshort integerMaximum number of building storeys. Derived directly from Development Plan where available.
Primary TableMax_Height_mMaximum Height (m)DoubleMaximum height in metres above ground level. Derived directly from Development Plan where available. In some instances, where not specified in the Development Plan, height is estimated based on 'Maximum Storeys' field. Estimations identified with "Yes" in 'Estimated Maximum Height (m)' field.
Primary TableNotesNotestextField used to capture further information, including descriptions based on Concept Plans or other details from the Development Plan.
Primary TableSOURCESourcetextFull description of data source. Contains Development Plan title and consolidated date.
Primary TableSOURCE_DATESource DateDateConsolidated Date of the relevant Development Plan.
Primary TableMax_Height_Est_1Estimated Maximum Height (m)textSet to "Yes" where maximum height in metres was not specified in Development Plan. Instead, 'Maximum Height (m)' has been estimated based on the specified maximum number of stories.

Contact Information

OrganisationAttorney General's Department
Planning and Land Use Services
Postal Address101 Grenfell Street