Imagery - ELVIS Elevation Catalog

Dataset Number2493
Dataset TitleImagery - ELVIS Elevation Catalog
CustodianData Authority: Department for Environment and Water
Data Provider: Department for Environment and Water


DescriptionThe Digital Elevation Model Imagery Catalog layer describes precision elevation datasets acquired from LiDAR and aerial / satellite sensors currently archived in the department. Precision elevation products are defined as Digital Terrain Models (or bare Earth Digital Elevation Models) captured from either LiDAR sources or photogrammetrically derived from aerial photography. LiDAR classified point clouds and derived Digital Terrain Models under a CC-BY license have been uploaded to the ELVIS Elevation and Depth Online Portal . ELVIS allows the user to search available elevation data across Australia and download tiles containing either classified point clouds or Digital Terrain Models. As new data becomes available, they will also be uploaded and be made available for download via ELVIS. The layer contains attribute information including extent, grid spacing, year of acquisition, source, average point density, accuracy (horizontal and vertical), available projections, any licensing restrictions and availability on ELVIS.

Data Quality

CompletenessUpdated regularly with new acquisitions.
Positional AccuracyVariable

Geographic Extent

Extent NameSouth Australia
Min Easting or Longitude129
Min Northing or Latitude-38.25
Max Easting or Longitude141
Max Northing or Latitude-26

Dataset Status

Initially Acquired01-JAN-2000
Last Updated24-OCT-2016
Update FrequencyAs required
Maintenance MethodNew elevation information added as required.
LicenseingNot yet determined


TableNameField AliasData TypeDescription
MAPS.ELVIS_DEW_ElevationCatalogFILENAME textDigital Elevation Model / Digital Surface Model file name and format
MAPS.ELVIS_DEW_ElevationCatalogGRID_SIZE Long IntegerRaster DEM / DSM grid / pixel size
MAPS.ELVIS_DEW_ElevationCatalogSOURCE textIdentifies source of dataset (Aerial or Satellite), sensor or if photogrammetrically derived. If LiDAR identifies if a multi point capture of full waveform
MAPS.ELVIS_DEW_ElevationCatalogPrecision textIs Elevation data considered to be Precision (LiDAR, photogrammetrically derived) or non-precision (no accuracy specification and derived during imagery aerotriangulation process)
MAPS.ELVIS_DEW_ElevationCatalogH_ACCURACY Floating PointHorizontal Accuracy in metres (if known)
MAPS.ELVIS_DEW_ElevationCatalogV_ACCURACY Floating PointVertical Accuracy in metres (if known)
MAPS.ELVIS_DEW_ElevationCatalogPOINT_DENSITY Floating PointAverage Point Density of point cloud in square metres
MAPS.ELVIS_DEW_ElevationCatalogNAME textDescriptive name of dataset
MAPS.ELVIS_DEW_ElevationCatalogNRM_REGION textSouth Australian NRM region(s) Elevation dataset can be found in
MAPS.ELVIS_DEW_ElevationCatalogMGA textDataset availability in MGA projection
MAPS.ELVIS_DEW_ElevationCatalogLCC textDataset availability in SA Lambert projection
MAPS.ELVIS_DEW_ElevationCatalogLICENSE textAccess restrictions
MAPS.ELVIS_DEW_ElevationCatalogSUPPLIER textDigital Elevation dataset Supplier and/or Distributor
MAPS.ELVIS_DEW_ElevationCatalogFOLDER textLocation of dataset under \Digital_Elevation_Models\"NRM Region"\ on the Samba server
MAPS.ELVIS_DEW_ElevationCatalogIMAGEMAPSA textIndicates whether imagery is available via ImageMap SA service
MAPS.ELVIS_DEW_ElevationCatalogIMAGEMAPSA_LAYER textPath to the IMAGEMAPSA Layer File
MAPS.ELVIS_DEW_ElevationCatalogELVIS textWhether the Elevation Layer has been uploaded and available on ELVIS
MAPS.ELVIS_DEW_ElevationCatalogDETAILED_METADATA textURL to the detailed Metadata record for the specific Elevation Survey Layer
MAPS.ELVIS_DEW_ElevationCatalogCAPTURE_START DateDate of the Survey Start
MAPS.ELVIS_DEW_ElevationCatalogCAPTURE_END BinaryDate of the Survey End

Contact Information

OrganisationDepartment for Environment and Water
Postal AddressGPO Box 1047

SA 5001