South Australian Marine Benthic Habitats

Dataset Number1233
Dataset TitleSouth Australian Marine Benthic Habitats
CustodianData Authority: Department for Environment and Water
Data Provider: Department for Environment and Water


DescriptionInshore benthic habitat mapping of the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary, Adelaide Mount Lofty Ranges (AMLR), Yorke Peninsula, Eyre Peninsula, Upper Spencer Gulf, Upper Gulf St Vincent, South East and Kangaroo Island, as part of a wider DEWNR project to map specific areas of the South Australian inshore environments.
UsageTo improve upon existing knowledge, planning and management of inshore benthic habitats, within South Australia.

Data Quality

LineageHabitat boundaries were interpreted from underwater features discernable on ortho-rectified aerial photographs. Year ranges of data capture for the following regionsSELECT 1 FROM DUAL; Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary 2001-2006, Upper Gulf St Vincent and Upper Spencer Gulf 2005-2007. Adelaide Mt Lofty Ranges(AMLR) 2007-2008 and South East 2009-2010. Field observations and underwater video footage was used to capture the Upper Spencer Gulf and Upper Gulf St Vincent data. The AMLR data was captured from field observations, underwater video footage, acoustic mapping and sidescan sonar. The data sets were combined as part of a DEWNR statewide project. Additional data was captured on Kangaroo Island during 2013 which included field observations and Underwater video footage. This data was added by regional staff using an adapted data schema that now includes species specific information.
CompletenessThis dataset is considered complete.
Positional AccuracyAccuracy ranges from +/- 10m to +/- 20m.

Geographic Extent

Extent NameSouth Australia
Min Easting or Longitude129
Min Northing or Latitude-38.25
Max Easting or Longitude141
Max Northing or Latitude-26

Dataset Status

Initially Acquired07-NOV-2005
Last Updated28-FEB-2014
Update FrequencyAs required
Maintenance MethodAs new aerial photography and/or information from future mapping become available, if change is expected or if funding allows.
LicenseingCC BY (Attribution)


TableNameField AliasData TypeDescription
MARINE.StateBenthicHabitatsBIOMORPHIC CharacterClassifies each habitat (polygon) as having either vegetated or unvegetated cover.
MARINE.StateBenthicHabitatsBIOTA IntegerA general 'biological' level discription of the cover type found in each habitat (polygon), i.e. Seagrass, Macroalgae, Invertebrate Community ect.
MARINE.StateBenthicHabitatsCOVER BinaryThe approximate % extent of the cover found in each polygon.
MARINE.StateBenthicHabitatsGEOMORPHIC CharacterClassifies each habitat (polgyon) as having either a hard (consolidated) or soft (unconsolidated) bottom.
MARINE.StateBenthicHabitatsHABITAT_CLASSIFICATION CharacterThe habitat type found.
MARINE.StateBenthicHabitatsSTRUCTURE CharacterA 'two-tier' cover-classifier: - Tier 1: classifies each habitat (polygon) as having either continuous (>50%) or patchy (<50%) cover, - Tier 2: classifies each habitat (polygon) cover as either dense, medium or sparse in appearance.
MARINE.StateBenthicHabitatsSUBSTRATUM CharacterA description of the substratum found in each polygon , i.e. Reef, Sand, Silt.
MARINE.StateBenthicHabitatsHABITATDESC CharacterHabitat type and structure.
MARINE.StateBenthicHabitatsSPECIES1 CharacterDominant species name if present
MARINE.StateBenthicHabitatsPER_SPECIES1 IntegerPercentage coverage of species1
MARINE.StateBenthicHabitatsSPECIES2 CharacterAssociated species name if present
MARINE.StateBenthicHabitatsPER_SPECIES2 IntegerPercentage coverage of species 2
MARINE.StateBenthicHabitatsSPECIES3 CharacterAssociated speices name if present
MARINE.StateBenthicHabitatsPER_SPECIES3 IntegerPercentage coverage of species3
MARINE.StateBenthicHabitatsEPIPHYTE IntegerEstimate of Epiphyte load, based on percentage coverage from underwater observation, from low (1) to high Epiphyte load (5)

Contact Information

OrganisationDepartment for Environment and Water
Science Monitoring and Knowledge
Postal AddressGPO Box 1047