River Murray Protection Area

Dataset Number642
Dataset TitleRiver Murray Protection Area
CustodianData Authority: Department for Environment and Water
Data Provider: Department for Environment and Water


DescriptionThe data set represents the area that is affected by the River Murray Act 2003. The Act was proclaimed on Thursday 20 November to come INTO operation on Monday 24 November. The act aims to protect, restore and enhance and River Murray System and the area represented by this dataset is used for certain applications within the Act and other Acts. The protection area is prescribed in Section 4 of the River Murray Regulation 2003. The Protection Area itself is depicted in schedule 1 of the River Murray Regulations 2003.
UsageDataset cannot be used for commercial purposes without the written consent of the custodian.

Data Quality

LineageThis dataset was derived by combining a number of datasets. Firstly, the 1956 floodline was buffered to 500m. This was then combined with the River Murray Tributary Zone and the cadastre. A hardcopy map was then produced and the new boundary was interpreted and hand-drawn onto this map with the new boundary following the cadastre. This hand-drawn boundary was then converted INTO a digital boundary via on-screen digitisation.
CompletenessThe dataset has been completed and filed with the Lands Titles Office. Irregular and periodical modifications are expected.
Positional AccuracyAs this dataset shares its extent with the cadastre, it is expected to have the same positional accuracy as the DCDB in this region (ie approximately +- 10m).

Geographic Extent

Extent NameRiver Murray
Min Easting or Longitude138.5
Min Northing or Latitude-36.25
Max Easting or Longitude141
Max Northing or Latitude-33.75

Dataset Status

Initially Acquired10-DEC-2003
Last Updated10-DEC-2003
Update FrequencyAs required
Maintenance MethodAs required
Dataset cannot be used for commercial purposes without the written consent of the custodian.
LicenseingCC BY (Attribution)


TableNameField AliasData TypeDescription
Admin.RiverMurrayProtectionAreaZONE CharacterRiver Murray Protection Area Zone - Floodplain or Tributary

Contact Information

OrganisationDepartment for Environment and Water
Science Monitoring and Knowledge
Postal AddressGPO Box 1047