Dataset Number870
Dataset TitleDrillholes
CustodianData Authority: Department for Environment and Water
Data Provider: Department for Environment and Water


DescriptionThis dataset has been created as a spatial enabled sub-set of the 'SAGEODATA' database to provide basic hydrographic data from all known drillholes within South Australia. It has de-normalised the original data to provide a flat file for easy analysis and viewing.
UsageHydrogeological research and modelling. Identifying groundwater characteristics. This data has been used to generate derivative datasets such as surface modelling.

Data Quality

LineageThe data is maintained in an Oracle database jointly owned by DEW and DEM. Information is entered INTO SA Geodata on a daily basis for both monitoring and construction purposes. This data is extracted nightly from SA Geodata and placed INTO DEW's spatial environment.
CompletenessIn a number of wells there are no values for attributes, where this occurs either these attributes haven't been collected for this particular drillhole or the value collected has been assessed as suspect.
Positional AccuracyNo positional accuracy field has been included in the database. In general the most accurate means of positioning the well has been used. This means the positional accuracy varies greatly from recently visited wells (positioned by GPS) +/- 30 metres, to wells last visited early in the century (positioned by scaling off most accurate repromap available) only accurate to +/- 2000 metres.

Geographic Extent

Extent NameSouth Australia
Min Easting or Longitude129
Min Northing or Latitude-38.25
Max Easting or Longitude141
Max Northing or Latitude-26

Dataset Status

Initially AcquiredLate 1800's
Last UpdatedCURRENT
Update FrequencyDaily
Maintenance MethodHistoric data is constantly being verified and changes are made to SA_GEODATA as they are found or as new data becomes available.This data is refreshed in DEW EGIS Spatial Warehouse daily and Data.sa weekly
AusGOALCC BY (Attribution)


TableNameField AliasData TypeDescription
WATER.DrillholesUNIT_NO CharacterA unique identifier for a drillhole. A concatenation of the fields `Map¿ {1:100 000 map sheet number} and `Num¿ {an unique number for the well in that map sheet}.
WATER.DrillholesDHNO CharacterDrillhole Number unique internally generated number
WATER.DrillholesNAME CharacterName of the drillhole
WATER.DrillholesEASTING CharacterEasting
WATER.DrillholesNORTHING CharacterNorthing
WATER.DrillholesZONE_ CharacterMGA Zone (GDA94) in which the drillhole is located.
WATER.DrillholesLAT CharacterDecimal latitude degrees south ,of the drillhole, (denormalised from lat_degrees, minutes, seconds) (GDA94).
WATER.DrillholesLONG CharacterDecimal longitude degrees (denormalised from long degrees, minutes, seconds) (GDA94
WATER.DrillholesREF_ELEV CharacterThe AHD(Australian Height Datum) elevation of an elevation point
WATER.DrillholesGRND_ELEV CharacterThe AHD(Australian Height Datum) elevation of an elevation point
WATER.DrillholesHUND CharacterName of the hundred in which the drillhole is located.
WATER.DrillholesPARCEL CharacterParcel type and number in which the drillhole is located
WATER.DrillholesPARCELNO CharacterThe unique No. for the Parcel, where the drillhole is located
WATER.DrillholesPARCELID CharacterA concatenation of the Plan Type, plan number, Parcel Type and Parcel Number to form a unique ID, where the drillhole is located
WATER.DrillholesSTATE CharacterState code where the drillhole is located eg SA
WATER.DrillholesMAP Character1:100 000 map sheet number
WATER.DrillholesNUM CharacterSequential number for the drillhole
WATER.DrillholesMAPNUM CharacterCombination of MAP & NUM field records, creating a unique drillhole identifier
WATER.DrillholesSTATUS CharacterA character field indicating the current or latest reported status of the well, whereSELECT 1 FROM DUAL; "ABD" - Abandoned, "BKF" - Backfilled, "BLK" - Blocked, "CAM" - Care and Maintenance, "CAP" - Capped, "CAS" - Cased, "CFL" - Controlled Flowing, "CLP" - Collapsed, "COM" - Completed, "DCM" - Dual Completion, "DRY" - Dry, "EXS" - Extinct Spring, "FL" - Flowing, "GEQ" - Geotechnically Equipped, "INJ" - Injector, "MND" - Mined (removed by mining), "NIU" - Not in use, "NL" - Not Located, "NOP" - Not Operational, "OPQ" - Operational as required, "OPR" - Operational, "PLG" - Plugged, "RHB" - Rehabilitated, "SCM" - Single Completion, "SHT" - Shut In, "STO" - Storage, "SUS" - Suspended, "UFL" - Uncontrolled Flowing, "UKN" - Unknown, "UNW" - Unworked, "WWT" - Converted to WW.
WATER.DrillholesSTAT_DESC CharacterStatus description e.g. (Backfilled)
WATER.DrillholesPURPOSE CharacterA character field indicating the primary purpose for which the well was drilled, where: APP - Appraisal CMT - Construction Materials COA - Coal DAM - Dam DEP- Deepening DEV - Development DOM - Domestic DRN - Drainage DWT - Dewatering ENV - Environmental ETH - Earthing EXP - Exploration FIR - Fire Fighting FND - Foundations GEN - General Usage HOL - Water Hole IND - Industrial INV - Investigation IRR - Irrigation LAK - Lake MDS - Mound Spring OBS - Observation PRO - Production RCL - Recreational REC - Recharge RHL - Rock Hole RIV - River SCI - Scientific SEA - Sea Water SEI - Seismic SOK - Soak SPR - Spring STK - Stock TNK - Tank TWS - Town Water Supply (Public / Municipal) UKN - Unknown WAS - Waste Disposal
WATER.DrillholesPURP_DESC CharacterPurpose description e.g. (Domestic)
WATER.DrillholesPURPOSE2 CharacterSecondary purpose code e.g. (DOM)
WATER.DrillholesPURP2_DESC CharacterSecondary purpose description e.g. (Domestic
WATER.DrillholesPURPOSE3 CharacterTertiary purpose code e.g. (DOM)
WATER.DrillholesPURP3_DESC CharacterTertiary purpose description e.g. (Domestic)
WATER.DrillholesANALFULL CharacterFlag field, set by the data base, indicating that a water chemistry sample (with results) exists in SA_GEODATA for this drillhole. (Y or N)
WATER.DrillholesPH CharacterpH level (if known)
WATER.DrillholesTDS CharacterTotal Dissolved Salts
WATER.DrillholesTDSDATE CharacterDate of TDS test
WATER.DrillholesYIELD CharacterThe rate, in L/sec, at which water is extracted or is flowing from the drillhole.
WATER.DrillholesYIELD_DATE CharacterObservation date for well yield measurement
WATER.DrillholesWATER_CUT CharacterDistance from drillhole to where water began flowing
WATER.DrillholesDTW CharacterThe measured distance, in metres, from a reference point to the water surface in the drillhole
WATER.DrillholesSWL CharacterThe latest standing water level (time series) value, in metres, recorded for the drillhole
WATER.DrillholesSWLDATE CharacterLatest observation date of SWL
WATER.DrillholesDRILL_DATE CharacterDate well was drilled (if known
WATER.DrillholesLAT_DEPTH CharacterLatest known depth, in metres, for the drillhole
WATER.DrillholesORIG_DEPTH CharacterMaximum depth, in metres, of the drillhole when it was originally drilled
WATER.DrillholesMAX_DEPTH CharacterThe maximum depth, in metres, to which the drillhole has been drilled
WATER.DrillholesPERMIT_NO CharacterLatest well construction permit number relating to a drillhole
WATER.DrillholesPERMIT_EX CharacterPermit extension code
WATER.DrillholesLOGGEOPHYS CharacterFlag field indicating that a geophysical log, for the drillhole, exists in the data base (Y or N).
WATER.DrillholesLOGDRILL CharacterFlag field indicating that a driller's log, for the drillhole, exists in the data base (Y or N).
WATER.DrillholesLOGGEOL CharacterFlag field indicating that a geological log, for the drillhole, exists in the data base (Y or N).
WATER.DrillholesLOGSTRAT CharacterFlag field indicating that a stratigraphical log, for the drillhole, exists in the data base (Y or N).
WATER.DrillholesLOGHYDROST CharacterFlag field indicating that a hydro-stratigraphical log, for the drillhole, exists in the data base (Y or N).
WATER.DrillholesLOGGER_DAT CharacterFlag field indicating that a logger data, for the drillhole, exists in the data base (Y or N).
WATER.DrillholesTELEMETRY_ CharacterFlag field indicating that a Telemetry data, for the drillhole, exists in the data base (Y or N).
WATER.DrillholesOBSHUND CharacterHundred in which the well is located (3 characters)
WATER.DrillholesOBSSEQ CharacterNumber which uniquely identifies that well in the hundred (3 digits)
WATER.DrillholesOBSNUMBER CharacterCombination of the hundred in which the well is located (OBSHUND) and a number which uniquely identifies that well in the hundred (OBSSEQ)
WATER.DrillholesCLASS CharacterAn unique character that identifies the type of well which will be either "EW" - Engineering Well, "MW" - Mineral Well, "PW" - Petroleum Well, "SP" - Seismic Point, "SW" - Stratigraphic Well, "WP" - Water Point, or "WW" - Water Well.
WATER.DrillholesWW_CLASS CharacterFlag field indicating if drillhole is a water well (Y or N)
WATER.DrillholesPRIVATE CharacterFlag field indicating if it is a private well
WATER.DrillholesEC CharacterA measure of the electrical conductivity, in uS/cm, of the water sample.
WATER.DrillholesRSWL CharacterReduced Standing Water Level - the elevation of the water level, typically measured in mAHD. It is calculated by subtracting the Depth to Water (DTW) from the reference elevation. A negative value indicates that the water level is below mean sea level.
WATER.DrillholesAQ_MON CharacterAquifer monitoring code
WATER.DrillholesPHOTO CharacterFlag field indicating if drillhole has a photo in the database (Y or N)
WATER.DrillholesOWNER_CODE CharacterAgency owner code e.g. PIRSA
WATER.DrillholesSTATE_ASSE CharacterFlag field indicating if drillhole is State owned (Y, N or U)
WATER.DrillholesAQ_MONDESC CharacterAquifer ¿ full description
WATER.DrillholesSUBURB CharacterSuburb in which the drillhole is located
WATER.DrillholesLGA CharacterLocal Government Area in which the drillhole is located
WATER.DrillholesHUNDRED CharacterHundred in which the drillhole is located
WATER.DrillholesSW_CATCHMENT CharacterSurface water catchment in which the drillhole is located
WATER.DrillholesNRM_REGION_CODE CharacterNatural Resource Management Region in which the drillhole is located
WATER.DrillholesPRESCRIBED_WELL_AREA CharacterPrescribed Wells Area in which the drillhole is located
WATER.DrillholesPRESC_WATER_RES_AREA CharacterPrescribed Water Resources Area in which the drillhole is located
WATER.DrillholesCASE_TO CharacterMaximum depth, in metres, at which any of the casing strings ends. Obtained from the latest well construction event.
WATER.DrillholesMIN_DIAM CharacterMinimum internal diameter, in mm's, of casing used in the latest well construction event
WATER.DrillholesTITLE_PREFIX CharacterTitle type prefix, where the drillhole is located
WATER.DrillholesTITLE_VOLUME CharacterTitle Volume number, where the drillhole is located
WATER.DrillholesTITLE_FOLIO CharacterTitle Folio number, where the drillhole is located
WATER.DrillholesTITLE_ID CharacterConcatenation of Title Type, Title Volume and Title Folio
WATER.DrillholesGRND_ELEV_DEM CharacterThe Australian Height Datum of the ground elevation at the drillhole location, derived from DEM
WATER.DrillholesNGIS CharacterFlag field indicating if drillhole is part of the National Groundwater Information System (Y)
WATER.DrillholesLATEST_REF_POINT_TYP CharacterA unique code indicating the type of reference point

Contact Information

OrganisationDepartment for Environment and Water
Science Monitoring and Knowledge
Postal AddressGPO Box 1047