Water Notice Of Intent To Prescribe

Dataset Number1025
Dataset TitleWater Notice Of Intent To Prescribe
CustodianData Authority: Department for Environment and Water
Data Provider: Department for Environment and Water


DescriptionAs a result of investigation INTO the ground and surface water usage throughout the state, certain areas are ear-marked as having possible problems. If this occurs, the area is put under a moratorium to halt any further development, while the area is further investigated. If it is decided that the area requires water usage monitoring, then the area may be prescribed. When an area is prescribed, the line work is removed from this layer and placed in the Prescribed areas layer. This coverage contains the line work of those areas which are under moratorium. This layer is maintained as the master coverage of moratorium areas within the state.
UsageThis line work is used as a base for policy and investigates projects to determine whether prescribing is appropriate.

Data Quality

Lineage Digitised from plans lodged with the General Registry Office.
CompletenessDataset is complete.
Positional AccuracyAccuracy dependant on scale of capture.

Geographic Extent

Extent NameSouth Australia
Min Easting or Longitude129
Min Northing or Latitude-38.25
Max Easting or Longitude141
Max Northing or Latitude-26

Dataset Status

Initially AcquiredOct - 2000
Last Updated
Update FrequencyContinual
Maintenance MethodAreas area added as they are identified as requiring moratorium and removed as they are either prescribed or moratorium is lifted.
AusGOALCC BY (Attribution)


TableNameField AliasData TypeDescription
ADMIN.Rest_NOIPRESTYPE textNotice type
ADMIN.Rest_NOILONGNAME textLong name

Contact Information

OrganisationDepartment for Environment and Water
Postal AddressGPO Box 1047

SA 5001