Gazetteer Areas

Dataset Number835
Dataset TitleGazetteer Areas
CustodianData Authority: Department for Infrastructure and Transport
Data Provider: Location SA


DescriptionThe State Gazetteer is the official record of place names in South Australia, as required by the Geographical names Act. As such it does contains the information relating to places that have been assigned or approved pursuant to the said Act, but also contains information relating to place names not covered by the Act. The aim for the gazetteer is to provide a single point of truth for place names information in South Australia. Gazetteer data is contained in three tables, being: Gazetteer Sites a point data set containing the names of places in South Australia and the relevant attributes. GazetteerLine - a line data set showing the extent of linear features, linked to the point data through the RECNO field Gazetteer Areas - a polygon data set showing the extent of area features, linked to the point data through the RECNO field
UsageExtent of the polygon features as determined to date

Data Quality

LineageDerived by reference to naming decisions, topographic and other maps, explorers journals and other historical documentation.
CompletenessFeature extents are always being added and updated to this database
Positional AccuracyScaled from the best available topo maps and other sources, including some GPS fixes. It is appropriate to take due regard of the accuracy of the data capture in any proposed use of the data.

Geographic Extent

Extent NameSouth Australia
Min Easting or Longitude129
Min Northing or Latitude-38.25
Max Easting or Longitude141
Max Northing or Latitude-26

Dataset Status

Initially Acquired16-NOV-2005
Last UpdatedCURRENT
Update FrequencyAs required
Maintenance MethodArcGIS update methodology
LicenseingCC BY (Attribution)


TableNameField AliasData TypeDescription
Primary TableOBJECTID CharacterStandard ESRI field
Primary TableRECNO CharacterUnique record identifier
Primary TableF_CODE CharacterFeature type stored as a 4 character code ¿ to be replaced with the three fields directly below.
Primary TableLATITUDE CharacterGDA94 Latitude
Primary TableLONGITUDE CharacterGDA94 Longitude

Contact Information

OrganisationDepartment for Infrastructure and Transport
Postal Address77 Grenfell Street